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Information problems often seem on the surface to be exclusively technical, but in reality are deeply human-centered. Fortunately, I'm a data engineer with a humanistic mindset. I have experience designing full-stack applications that meet business needs and can power analytics platforms, and teaching students to position themselves and thrive in the fast-paced world of data science.

I want to help people design better software systems, learn how to think analytically, and provide more value for their business. My aim is to chat with you and provide you with design considerations for your information problem, whether that's hiring, software architecture design, or whatever else!

In addition to my experiences listed on this site, I also do consulting on one-off projects, both large-scale and small. My hourly rate is negotiable depending on the project, task, and degree of commitment. If you’re a student or early-career professional, please reach out. I always make time for students for free.

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My expertise tends toward the following:

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If any of these sound appealing or are aligned with your needs, feel free to reach out or

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